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"Sandy has boundless energy, is incredibly creative, and is a delight to work with. While I was at Google leading Street View, she initiated and led unique imagery capture projects and stories. Some of the very best media moments we were able to create were driven by Sandy Russell.  These projects had a significant impact on user engagement with Google's Geo products and were also meaningful in terms of brand marketing."

Luc Vincent, VP Engineering at Lyft, Creator/Founder of Google Street View



"Sandy and her team are highly responsive and incredibly dialed when it comes to evaluating and planning for every piece of a Client’s business from big picture to the critical details. Our creative collaboration with Sandy Russell Creative has been fantastic – they're intuitive and ask great questions that have furthered/bettered our work. They are a clearly a team of skilled professionals with tremendous experience, but outside of that they're fun to work with and Sandy's energy is contagious. I highly recommend working with SRC!"

Emily Henderson, Google Geo Education Outreach Program Manager



"The team at Sandy Russell Creative was strategic, professional, and a pleasure to work with. They listened to our needs, and figured out the best teams at Google to bring together to give us the technical solution we needed in a speedy timeframe. Not only did they manage and facilitate the partnership, but stepped in to problem solve and get the right people in the room to keep the project moving forward when technical or logistical difficulties arose. Without them, we would not have been able to use Google Earth in FREE SOLO. I’d definitely work with them again."

Jimmy Chin And Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Directors of FREE SOLO



"Sandy brought a dynamic and creative force to our joint project. She showed a deep understanding of the complexities of the humanitarian situation combined with expert digital story telling skills. She creatively combines data, emotion and different creative formats to create real and engaging digital experiences. She is an engaging, strong communicator and collaborator."

Mike Walton, Chief of Digital Engagement Section, UNHCR


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"Her work on the project - from the film reaching 40M people to her unique ideas on how to give special recognition for top tier players - made users love Google and Pokémon. Most importantly, she efficiently collaborated with the Pokémon brand and secured their trust to make the project smooth and successful."

Tatsuo Nomura, Creator, Pokémon Go



"Working with Sandy Russell is a true pleasure.  Her digital knowhow, passion for the outdoors, knowledge of the outdoor industry and her exceptional communication skills are a unique and powerful combination.  Sandy’s creativity and ‘no idea is a bad one’ resulted in unique outcomes, project excellence and contagious enthusiasm amongst all stakeholders involved.  

Bringing big brands together on partnerships  can often be challenging, however Sandy would bring the necessary facts, resources and sound strategies to the table that would keep the cadence and quality of the project high.  Sandy’s smarts and breath of experience makes her a powerful resource in this highly competitive time for all businesses."

Katie Ramage, Director of Sports Marketing, The North Face



"Without her leading the charge, our best Street View collects would not have happened. Even when we didn't have the technology to do what she described,  she motivated the team to find another solution. She led the charge finding the right partners and put all the relevant parties in a room to hash out ideas and figure out a viable path forward. Even when we didn't know if it would work, she got everyone so excited about the possibility that where there was Sandy's will, there was a way, and suddenly we were all on board to figure out a way to make this happen."

Deanna Yick, Street View Lead, Google


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"Sandy is a guide, a partner, a confidant and an insightful marketer. As our collaborative project matured, the levers she was able to pull inside her organization became more evident and increasingly impressive. The Bears Ears interactive film and site simply wouldn’t be what it is without her intimate involvement."

John Goodwin, Brand Creative Director, Patagonia


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"I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy for a few years now. She is razor sharp, fun and incredibly driven. From making the first ever 360 degree photo capture of the Nose of El Capitan to helping a small non-profit with its digital brand strategy, Sandy can do it all. Sandy seems to know everybody and can balance multiple projects, details and deadlines with ease. She thinks big and always follows through. If you get the chance to work with Sandy, you are going to get things done and you are going to have fun doing it."

Brady Robinson, Executive Director, Access Fund