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Google Maps: Santa Tracker



Project Co-lead 2013, 2014, 2015


Santa Tracker is a fun, educational and interactive way for kids of all ages to celebrate the holiday season. As co-lead, we worked with the PM to bring together the incredible Google Developer Platforms teams and talented agencies like UpperQuad to build an amazing collection of games, experiences and videos. It was exciting to channel the team's enthusiasm and talent to focus to education with coding and geography games sprinkled thoughout the site.  It was all optimized for just about any screen, so anyone can track Santa on the ho-ho-go.


  • Awards won: AWWW, FWWA

  • Product:

    • Doubled visitors from 2014 to 2015)

    • Increased total time on site by 64% YoY, and we redesigned the homepage to increase time by 397% YoY

    • 15M+ combined views of short films

    • XXM exposures to educational elements, a 374% increase in educational exposure from 2014.

  • PR: 200+ articles internationally each year